Renewable energy feasibility studies for the community

Renewable energy feasibility studies for community organisations
Renewable energy feasibility studies for community organisations

Community organisations are often eligible for grant funding to explore options for renewable energy and energy efficiency via a feasibility study.

Installing renewable energy and/or energy efficiency measures will help save you money as well as help your organisation to produce clean, green energy and do something positive in the fight against climate change.

Zero carbon energy is the direction of travel for our planet. It’s where we need to go. Contact us today to see how we can help your community organisation become ‘future ready.’

A feasibility study by Dr. Vicki Shaw & Associates Ltd will show you what are the best renewable energy options and energy efficiency options for your building or buildings. Renewable energy options could include Solar PV (electricity generating), Solar Thermal (hot water generating), wind power, heat pumps, biomass boilers and even micro hydro.

Your community organisation may also own a piece of land that could have potential for renewable energy generation, such as a ground-mounted PV array or wind turbine.

Vicki Shaw has produced a range of feasibility studies for community organisations. Working as a Registered CSEP Consultant, while that programme was open, she determined the options for a wide range of community buildings including single hard-to-heat properties through to large historic estates with a number of buildings. See our Testimonials and Case Studies for more details.

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