Help wildlife by installing an Ecopond biodiversity boosting garden pond

Ponds are great for wildlife

You might, like me, be an avid watcher of Springwatch. It’s always uplifting to see the wildlife of the UK, out and about, doing what it does.

Quite regularly on Springwatch, they suggest ways in which you can help wildlife by making a few changes in your garden.

One common suggestion is to install a small pond for wildlife. If this is something you’ve been thinking about but you haven’t quite got around to it – let me do it for you.

I’ll create a small piece of aquatic ecosystem for you that will soon be bristling with life! It should attract frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies and much more.

I’m charging a one-day installation flat fee of £195. If it runs over to two days, there’s no additional charge. All materials and labour costs are covered by the one charge.

The pond I’d be installing is 120 litres in volume. It’s 128cm long, 90cm wide and 36cm deep. It’s a rigid plastic mould. It has an ‘escape ramp’ in case animals like hedgehogs happen to fall in.

I will seed the pond with a few native plants and invertebrates to get the ecology off to a good start. I’ll also seed the pond with ‘pond sludge’ from a mature pond. This will contain a myriad of microorganism species to help boost the biodiversity of your newly installed pond habitat. Again, all of this is included in the £195 price.

All soil that is dug out can either be distributed around your garden and/or built up around the pond. I can simply take it away, if you prefer.

And if you have an existing pond that needs maintenance, we can work out a maintenance cost between us. I just love ponds!

So what are you waiting for? Give me a call and I’ll be round to see you as soon as I can.

See you soon,


Call 07814 532463 or email via the contact form.

Download a flyer – FLYER

Introduce a friend and if they have an Ecopond installed, I’ll pay you, or a charity of your choice, £20 – Download this Intro flyer – INTRO A FRIEND