Theresa May’s constituents demand real action on energy and climate change

Theresa May is continuing David Cameron’s legacy of inaction on energy and climate change. Any movement on climate change has gone into complete reverse over the last few years with the Government reducing or removing support for renewable technologies such as wind and solar power and removing schemes to improve energy efficiency, whilst at the same time, giving tax breaks to carbon intensive fracking.

Most recently, during the 2017 Spring Budget, the Government have imposed a ‘solar tax hike’ that will affect schools that have had solar panels installed.

Jeff Rice, Environmental Campaigner and Renewable Energy Professional said: “People in the UK want renewable energy.  They know that installing solar panels, for instance, is common sense.  Backing renewable energy technologies will help to lower UK carbon emissions and fight climate change. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.”

“In early April, we set up our campaign stall in Maidenhead to give Theresa May’s constituents the chance to lobby their MP and ask her to take climate change seriously.  Her constituents were keen for the Government to reinstate support for renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes.”

“Around the world, renewable energy is making great headway in reducing carbon emissions. Destroying the UK renewable energy industry makes no sense.”

“The Conservatives are supposed to be the party of business. I work in the renewable energy sector and I’m wondering if my business has a future in the UK.”

“I work in renewables because I believe it’s the future. I’m lucky to work in something that I’m passionate about.”

During our campaign in Maidenhead, we spoke to hundreds of Theresa May’s constituents, many of whom completed one of our lobby letters to send to the Prime Minister. Our estimate is that around 80% of Theresa May’s constituents that we spoke to want the Government to take positive action and support renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives in the UK.  People also want to see more action in tackling climate change.

…Of course, we ran this campaign before the announcement of a snap general election. We hope all parties will give serious attention to the need to continue to grow the renewable energy sector in the UK and address climate change.

Renewable energy campaigning in Maidenhead