The rise of the Electric Vehicle and what that means

The clean energy revolution continues. Every year we hear of more records broken around the world for the rate of renewable energy installation.

This trend is set to continue along with the addition of varying scales of battery storage and the future addition of tidal power despite recent political problems with tidal energy in the UK.

Along with this comes another aspect of the clean energy revolution – the Electric Vehicle, or EV.

EVs are going from strength the strength.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are still a possibility, but at the moment, it’s all about the EV.

This presents a potential supply problem – where will the electricity come from to power these vehicles?

Currently, whatever the mix of fuel that supplies the grid, is what will power EVs.

As the number of EVs continues to grow, further demand will be placed on electricity networks.

A clean-energy solution to meet increased electricity demand created by EVs is required. That solution is to increase the amount of renewable energy infrastructure to feed the grid.

Renewable energy continues to grow globally, but we need to be more ambitious.

The growing EV fleet needs to be powered by renewable energy.

The world can have 100% renewable electricity.

The world can have EVs (and/or possibly hydrogen cars) fuelled by 100% renewable energy.