Renewable energy project support campaigning

Demonstrating public support for your renewable energy proposal is vital.

Say YES to renewable energy through a high street communication campaign

Decision makers need to know that a proposal has public support to give them confidence to approve the project, be that wind power, solar power or tidal power.

Since 2006, we have enabled the generation of thousands of support letters for over 80 renewable energy projects. This is achieved by running a high street communication unit in the town nearest to the renewable energy proposal. We consistently find that the majority of the UK public are in support of local renewable energy proposals…

…and this needs to be communicated to planners and decision makers.

If you feel that your renewable energy project could benefit from the demonstration of public support, contact us today.

Political lobbying

We don’t often have faith in politicians and fair enough, they can be challenging to deal with.

Having said that, many politicians can be quite reasonable and will respond to lobbying and communication from the general public.

MPs and Councillors are there to represent their constituents, after all.

If your project needs political support from local councillors or MPs, we research the key players and initiate a lobbying program; encouraging members of the public to lobby their political representatives and ask them to support your project.

Council engagement

In terms of communicating your message to a local authority, we can also arrange presentations and Q and A sessions with local authority councillors and MPs. These sessions would be open to politicians only and gives them a chance to explore the issues around your project. As independent consultants, we’re in a good position to provide a fair and balanced overview of a renewable energy project.

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction

Is your company is trying to push an energy efficiency or carbon reduction solution? Does it need local planning or political support? We can help in the same way as above, with positive and public support campaigning and political lobbying.

To discuss your project, contact us now for more information.

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