Renewable energy feasibility studies for businesses

Renewable energy feasibility studies for businesses
Renewable energy feasibility studies for businesses
If there’s one thing you can guarantee for your business it’s that your energy bills are going to keep rising. As we begin to see the end of the fossil fuel age, the price of fossil fuel derived energy is becoming more volatile.

Renewable energy feasibility studies are a great way of identifying the most appropriate renewable energy options for your site and business activities so that you can make informed decisions about the viability of projects and where to focus your attention. Through our feasibility study work, we can help you develop a business case for investing in energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies. Our feasibility studies show where you can reduce your energy spend which has the additional benefits of helping you reduce business overheads, increase profits and increase your competitive edge.

Investing in a renewable energy feasibility study can help your business save money in the short, medium and longer term.

We help anyone with a building, estate portfolio or land, ranging from farmers and small to medium size enterprises through to businesses with large estates.

Additionally, if you are a business working to ISO 50001 (EnMS), ISO 14001 (EMS) or you have to meet the mandatory requirements of the ESOS Scheme, our feasibility studies will help your business meet its energy and carbon targets and demonstrate continual improvement in the short, medium and longer term.

Communication is the key to our approach. At the start of the project, we take time to understand your business and the operation of your site. We then personally tailor our feasibility studies to meet your needs.

Typically, our feasibility studies include the following:

  • On-site energy demand (electricity, gas, oil usage) and associated carbon dioxide emissions, you may already have this information
  • Site and options appraisal
  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency opportunities
  • Technical and financial viability and appropriateness of on-site renewable energy technologies
  • Operation and maintenance considerations
  • Legal and statutory considerations
  • Funding opportunities, where applicable
  • Consideration of wider issues including project longevity & sustainability, and PR & communications campaigns.

Our renewable energy feasibility studies provide an indication of the siting of appropriate renewable energy technologies. The studies do not involve design work.

Large solar PV arrays

Does your business have a large roof space?

You might be able to turn that large roof into an energy generating asset that will cut your bills and even allow your business to make money exporting electricity.

Contact us for a feasibility study. If your roof is viable, we can help you identify the ‘best deals’ from installers.

We also provide pre-feasibility studies which briefly outline the renewable energy options and considerations facing your site and provide you with a broad indication of costs and paybacks.

We look forward to hearing from you. For an informal discussion and no-obligation quotation, contact us >