Launch of Zero Carbon Yorkshire

Leeds, 27th February 2016.

I enjoy attending these kinds of conferences. There are always a good number of like-minded people and lots of positive conversation.

The aim of Zero Carbon Yorkshire (ZCY) is to bring together a cross-section of the Yorkshire community who have an interest in or are connected with projects and initiatives related to climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport and conservation, and together co-produce an evolving road-map to a Zero Carbon Yorkshire.

One of the positive things about tackling climate change is that there are so many contributing possible solutions and this was reflected in the variety of topics that people brought along to the launch day.

Dr Vicki Shaw & Associates Ltd are looking forward to being part of and connected to ZCY. There are solutions to climate change. Collectively, we just need to push them to make them a reality.

ZCY2 2016 - Copy