Is Solar PV right for you?

You may have been chewing over the idea of having solar PV panels installed, but don’t want to approach any particular company in case you get badgered with endless subsequent sales calls. Or maybe you’re worried about high pressure selling?

Despite recent Government cuts to solar PV Feed In Tariffs (FITs) solar PV can still be a good option for your home.

We can offer you a very simple remote survey to give you an idea as to whether or not your roof is viable for solar panels.

Because we’re not selling you panels, we’ll be honest with you. If there’s a giant tree shading your roof or your roof faces the wrong way or if the roof isn’t big enough or presents other problems, we’ll tell you that solar panels aren’t for you.

For just £75 we can do a remote solar panel survey for you. We might ask you to email us a few photos to help us determine suitability of your roof.

We’ll provide you with a brief report laying out rough costs and benefits.

So if you’re confused over solar PV panels, start with us.

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