Interested in getting a small wind turbine?

Renewable energy is the way forward. It can help to cut your energy bills, generate income and reduce your carbon emissions.

If you’ve got the available land and enough money, it makes a lot of sense to look at having a small ground-mounted wind turbine installed.

For a small fee, we can do a short feasibility study for you and put you in touch with an appropriate installer.

You’ll need a good wind resource, a reasonable separation distance from your property and neighbouring residential property and ideally, a minimal number of objects in the surrounding landscape that could cause turbulence for the wind turbine.

We’ll give you an objective assessment. If we think your site is unsuitable, we’ll tell you. We may also be able to suggest alternatives, such as ground-mounted solar, or other solutions for your property in general.

Call us today.

Generate your own electricity and cut your bills
Generate your own electricity and cut your bills