Birchcliffe Centre and Hebden Bridge Hostel – Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

In 2015, Dr Vicki Shaw & Associates Limited were commissioned by Pennine Heritage Limited to help the charity reduce energy costs at the Birchcliffe Centre and Hebden Bridge Hostel and explore alternative ways of heating the buildings and supplying electricity for use onsite.

A feasibility study was undertaken with the aims of suggesting ways in which the energy efficiency of the buildings could be improved, investigating the technical and economic feasibility of installing renewable energy technologies on or near the buildings, and recommending the most appropriate options for the site.

In order to investigate the potential contribution of renewable energy technologies in meeting heating and electricity demands, current energy demand and associated carbon dioxide emissions were established using meter readings, utility bill data and information collected from the site and provided by Pennine Heritage. The future vision for the Centre and Hostel was also considered, along with any planning and legal issues. Grants, subsidies and funding options were factored in to the report.

Solar PV was considered for all appropriate roofs and solar thermal hot water panels where there was an appropriate roof close to hot water demand. The study also considered air and ground source heat pumps and biomass heating as well as energy efficiency improvements.

Following extensive and detailed investigation, including looking at relative costs and benefits for each technology, a comprehensive feasibility study report with recommendations for action to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and install appropriate renewable energy technologies was produced.

Many thanks to all those at Pennine Heritage for giving us the opportunity to work on their lovely buildings.

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