About us: Dr Vicki Shaw & Associates

Renewable energy analysis and supportDr Vicki Shaw & Associates Limited are Renewable Energy and Environmental Professionals from the United Kingdom. We specialise in providing our customers with personally tailored renewable energy feasibility studies, impartial environmental and energy management system assessments, and effective public engagement & communication campaigns.

What motivates us

Sustainability. This is word that is often over-used, but one that we’re all going to have to get to grips with over the course of this century.

Think of sustainability in terms of natural ecology. The Earth’s natural systems and processes can continue, more or less unchanged, for millions of years. By contrast, many human processes and industries are not like that. They have finite end points. The input resources become scarce or deplete or outputs, such as gaseous emissions, compromise some other area of sustainability that may be unrelated to them. Industry and development needs to mirror ecology.

Our passion is in pushing forward sustainability in all things.

Our vision is of a world where all human processes are ultimately sustainable.

We channel that passion into our work.

We provide practical help and guidance for a wide range of initiatives and projects that help businesses, and community organisations, increase their sustainability, save energy, save money, and reduce their carbon emissions.

If you think that your organisation could by performing more efficiently in terms of sustainability, or you need help with decarbonisation and the net zero challenge, then contact us today and we can explore solutions for you.

About us

Dr Vicki Shaw & Associates Limited builds on the reputation of Dr Vicki Shaw as a specialist in energy sustainable communities, a consultant in renewable energy applications, and a technical assessor in the fields of environmental management, energy management and greenhouse gas emissions.

By working with trusted associates, Dr Vicki Shaw & Associates Limited has proven its mettle over the years through capacity building, facilitating community energy initiatives, and taking positive actions to tackle climate change.

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Dr Vicki Shaw
Dr Vicki Shaw, Energy & Environment Consultant & Technical Assessor in the fields of environmental management, energy management & greenhouse gas emissions